In 1997 I saw a LOT of movies . . . I went with friends . . . I went with relatives . . . I even went alone . . . as long as I went! I found that nothing came close to the big screen experience for a place where I could lose myself for a couple of carefree hours. And, since I was in school nights, I was always looking for an escape from homework. Consequently, I saw a lot of movies; usually at least 1 a week. Friends and co-workers were always seeking an opinion before they went to see something, so that year I wrote them up and put online them for everyone.


I see many types of movies; I especially like comedies, romantic comedies, and of course science fiction. I tend not to see pure romance, horror, or thrillers.


I gave very brief reviews that speak to the entertainment value of the movie (the reason that I go: to be entertained). I've always been annoyed at movie reviews that tell you the entire plot, a detailed storyline, and sometimes even the ending. What I gave is a rating and then some attributes of the movie that brought me to that rating (e.g. boring, fast moving, lots of laughs, predictable, etc.). A major factor for me is how well a movie pulls me in. If I was thinking about where I'd go or what I'd eat after the movie, it didn't do well on the CINEMARK Ratings.


When you click on a movie title, you will get my review, sometimes followed by a one line concurring or dissenting opinion of who I went with. Following that I put in a canned description of the movie, either from a Cinema brochure or the Internet Movie Database. These descriptions will not give away the movie, but if you have no idea of what the movie is about, they will give you a general overview. I always put these at the end, so you do not have to read them if you don't want to.