A good movie which should hold your interest through lots of action, heroics included. Once you get past the few unbelievables (that Air Force One could be taken over, that we have a president who possess the highest personal and political morals and ethics since St. Francis, and, that this president also has the courage, know-how and physical capabilities to do some hero stuff) you have an enjoyable movie. I know, I know, we've yet to see anything close to that on our election ballets, but how many action movies have believable heroes? This one just stands out more because of the great contrast with real life in this case. Expect lots of killing due to the terrorist story line, and hold down your popcorn during the handful of really corny Hollywood heartfelt lines.


Cinema Description: Rated: R

Harrison Ford stars as the President of the United States, a leader unyielding in his opposition to negotiation with terrorists. But when Russian neo-nationalists hijack Air Force One with the First Lady on board, the free world is plunged into crisis. The President's beliefs and courage are put to the test by the rebels who are using his wife and child as bargaining chips. Glenn Close plays the Vice President, whose help in the crisis proves vital.