In & Out: 8

A comical (just short of slapstick) movie with fun pokes at some real life well knowns, some of which might escape younger folks. Both Kline and Cusack do a great job with their characters and comedy. Not entirely a light, mindless storyline; this movie takes a few unexpected turns and presents gay issues, problems, and takes a stand for gay rights. Occasional language and content push the PG-13 rating to the edge; this is another movie where creating a PG-15 rating would be nice; parents should use discretion.

Dissenting Opinion by my mid-teen niece: she gave it a 7


Cinema Description: Rated: PG-13

When Matt Dillon's character wins an Academy Award for his portrayal of a homosexual, he accidentally "outs" his small town high school teacher (Kevin Kline) on national television. The cast also includes Joan Cusack, Bob Newhart, Debbie Reynolds and Tom Selleck.