Personally, this just wasn't my taste in movies; but, I gave it a good rating because for those of you who like (or don't mind) dark, evil, action, thriller movies, this will be a good one. It is special effects from the opening seconds and continues with them and a lot of action by the ectoplasmic Batman type super-hero trying to choose between evil and good (or at least evil and not so evil). All this is interlaced with some pretty funny one liners (you'll either like the wit style or you won't) as well as humorous (bordering on stupid) actions. As might be expected of an action film, the dialogue was weak, but did get the uncontroversial point across that there will likely be a sequel.


Cinema Description: Rated: PG-13

Six years after being killed by his own agency, government agent Al Simmons (Michael Jai White) is brought back to earth as Spawn, a dark hero with supernatural powers. Endowed with the ability to change shape at will, he must choose between avenging his death or saving the ones he loves while battling his arch-rival, Violator (John Leguizamo). Based on the best-selling comic book, this action-adventure blends live action characters with stunning special effects.