In keeping with the "sequel is not as good as the original" theme, this movie went out of it's way to see to that. It's not that it was so terrible; but rather it just kind of plodded along until the end where all the special effects and endless disasters occurred. While I loved seeing Sandra Bullock in her bikini, I was disappointed in her performance, although I'm not sure whether it was her or the script and directing. Her casual, matter-o-fact handling of the situations seemed out of place for her character and when she took charge, her delivery of the directions were so weak that nobody would have ever followed them. Many of the comic lines were also based in her matter-o-fact demeanor, which kind of took the bite out of those as well: it just seemed that she should have been a bit more upset than her co-star, whose character was trained for this kind of situation. This kind of weakened the whole movie, since she was a lead role. If you really want to see Sandra in her bikini, rent the video, otherwise, you'll be missing nothing.


Cinema Description: Rated: PG-13

Annie can't seem to keep out of harm's way in this sequel to the 1994 box office hit. Sandra Bullock reprises the starring role in an action adventure tale set at sea. When the boat she and her boyfriend are on is taken over by a terrorist, it's up to the pair of them to save the day. Jason Patric and Willem Dafoe also star.