Ok, so this was a typical disaster movie with all the usual elements, except, unlike Dante's Peak, it didn't overdue those characteristics to death. The main characters didn't have quite so many, quite so unbelievable escapes, the romantic attraction between the two main characters was obvious, but subdued, and while the dog does live, nobody risked his life and the lives of others to save it with a miraculous and unbelievable rescue. Add to that good news some interesting solutions to unique circumstances and problems, along with some great special effects which must be seen on the big screen and you've got a good (albeit somewhat typical) disaster movie.


Cinema Description: Rated: PG-13

When a volcano erupts in the heart of Los Angeles, hot lava spills down the streets of Beverly Hills and tensions between the affluent and the ethnic regions of the city boil over. Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, Baby Hoffman and Jacqueline Kim star.