All Photos Were Taken With My Fuji S5000


2015-06-25: Family Lunch

2011-October 29: Storm & Arborvitaes

2011-September 15: Homestead Picnic

2011-August 13: Heritage Cookout

2011-June 16: Heritage Summer Concert

2011-January 27: Snow Storm

2011-January 23: Lunch at Auntie Ellie's

2011-January 12: Snow Storm

2010-September 5: Uncle Pat's Tomatoes

2010-August 25: Homestead Cookout

2010-May 22: Sally & Dean's Wedding

2008-Oct. 4: Bash Bish Falls (Mt. Washington, MA)

2008-May 29: Tania's Graduation

2005-May to November: House Landscape Project

2005-May 14: Sean & Amy's Wedding (Boston, MA)

2005-May: Spring Photos (East Longmeadow, MA)

2004-Nov 6: Berkshire Brewery (South Deerfield, MA)

2004-October: Foliage Photos (Western MA)

2004-Sept 12: MAGIC WINGS Butterfly Conservatory (Deerfield, MA)

2004-Sept 3: Burlington, VT

2004-Aug 28: Mystic, CT

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